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Have Courage!

What does it mean to have courage? Think about all of the stories you've read, the films you grew up watching. Usually, there is some form of a hero or heroine of the story, making their way through the trials and somehow finding reward in the end. The best example is probably the story of Hercules, a young boy trying to find his way inthe world, needing to show that he is a true hero before being accepted to live back on Olympus. The heroes journey is never easy, having many trials to battle, villians to conquer over. For us it is very similar, living in our modern day world. We come across those who try to challenge our faith, push us away from belief, and tempt us towards living a sinful nature. Every one of us has been tempted at some point. What we need to remember is what our life long goal is, to be reunited with God the Father. If we have courage and remember this goal, doing everything we can to be people of faith, God will help us carry the burdens of sin. Are you striving to be a hero in faith?

Today's Reading states:'Why should I fear in times of trouble, when the iniquity of my persecutors surrounds me, men who trust in their wealth and boast of the abundance of their riches? Truly no man can ransom himself, or give to God the price of his life, for the ransom of his life is costly, and can never suffice, that he should continue to live on for ever, and never see the Pit. Be not afraid when one becomes rich, when the glory of his house increases. For when he dies he will carry nothing away; his glory will not go down after him. Though, while he lives, he counts himself happy, and though a man gets praise when he does well for himself, 19he will go to the generation of his fathers, who will never more see the light' (Psalms 49:6-10, 17-20).

Today's reading talks about how we must be courageous and not be afraid in times where we would feel the most fear. That can be difficult. I'm sure most of those heroes you hear about felt some form of fear amongst their trials. It's okay to be afraid, but you can't let that fear take over and guide you. God is guiding us in every point of our lives, especially when we need Him most. We need to remember to have courage and not be afraid to face the trials ahead, but let God walk us through. Take some time today to pray and ask God to help you have courage and be a hero in faith.

Today we pray:

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for helping me in every area of my life, especially when I feel most afraid to go forward. Help me to have courage and trust that You are guiding me through every trial.

I pray in Your most holy name, Amen.

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