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Preparing for Marriage

As the time gets closer towards marriage, the days get busier and more crazy. It is important that even in the business of the upcoming time that we ask God to help us each day focus on the main goals, putting faith at the centre. Though faith is still my centre, it will be difficult to write for the upcoming weeks. I say goodbye as a single woman as I enter into my vocation of marriage, and will say hello in two weeks as a married woman. Please pray for my fiancé and I as we enter into this new life together this Saturday, and pray this prayer for us, your spouse or couples entering into marriage! God bless you!

Today's Prayer is from Catholic Online, a prayer for married couples to the sacred heart:

O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, King and center of all hearts, dwell in our hearts and be our King; grant us by Your grace to love each other truly and chastely, even as You have loved Your spotless Bride, the Church, and have given Yourself up for her. Bestow upon us that mutual love and Christian forbearance which are so highly acceptable in Your sight, and a mutual patience in bearing each other's defects; for we are certain that no living creature is free from them. Do not permit even the slightest defect to mar that full and gentle harmony of spirit, the foundation of the mutual assistance in the many and varied hardships of life, that is the end for which woman was created and united inseparably to her husband. ** (See note below) O Lord God, grant that between us there may reign a perpetual holy rivalry toward a life perfectly Christian, by virtue of which there may shine forth more and more clearly the Divine image of Your mystic union with Your Holy Church, as You have deigned to imprint it upon us on the auspicious day of our being made one. Grant, we beseech You, that our good example of Christian living may serve as a powerful inspiration to our children to conform their own lives to Your holy law; and finally, after this exile may we ascend into heaven, where by the help of Your grace, for which we earnestly pray, we may merit to be joined with our children forever and praise and bless You through everlasting ages. Amen.


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