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Over-prepared Much?

Have you ever gone on a long trip and taken nothing with you but the basics: the clothes on your back, a snack, a phone, and a drink maybe? The usual answer would be no, of course not. You want to prepare for the long journey, bring clothes, food, supplies, things for leisure time, probably sleeping equipment. You feel the need to prepare for anything that comes your way, and usually prepare more than actually necessary. I know for myself, having an allergy and diabetes means to ensure there's extra food just in case. What are the things you always feel that you need to prepare when going on a journey? Do you actually need them, or could God provide if given the opportunity?

Today's Gospel states: 'And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal. And he said to them, "Take nothing for your journey, no staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money; and do not have two tunics. And whatever house you enter, stay there, and from there depart. And wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them." And they departed and went through the villages, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere' (Luke 9:1-6).

Jesus sends out his disciples to places with absolutely nothing but their faith. They are to go to towns and preach the Good News using faith alone, and God provides for them anything they could possibly need. Do we give ourselves to God, and let Him provide for us? This could mean life struggles, overcoming grief, or even searching for a new job. God is always holding you in the palm of His hand. Take time today to ask God to provide for you, to help where you need it, and to take control of your life.

Today's prayer comes from 'Catholic Life' a prayer to let God take control:

“Dear God,

I let go of my need to be perfect, and I let You fill me with Your perfect love.

I let go of my ideas of fulfillment, and I let You fill me with what I truly desire.

I let go of what I think of myself, and I let You define my worth.

I let go of what others think of me, and I let You tell me who I am to You.

I let go of my appearance, and I let You shine through me.

I let go of my unreasonable standards, and I let You work through me.

I let go of my will for my life, and I let You reveal Your plan for me.

I let go of all of my past sins, and I let You forgive me.

I let go of my reliance on myself, and I let You be my Redeemer.

I let go of how I view others, and I let You love them through me.” Amen.


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