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A Friend in Jesus

Who do you see yourself to be as a person? Are you a mother. a daughter. son, father? Are you a sister, brother, a niece, nephew, grandchild, friend? Who do you see yourself as and who do others say that you are? God made each of us unique, in His image in order to pursue life. This involves us becoming connected with those around us, building a life through love. We become important to those around us in different ways, becoming a major part of not only the Catholic community, but of humanity.

When it comes to our connection in faith, we each feel the connection with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, and with God in different ways. I know that for me, there is a closeness through worship in music, and in receiving the Eucharist. Just as each of us feels and sees the work of our faith in different ways, we also have our own relationship with Jesus. We all pray for strength in our crazy lives, though some choose to talk with Jesus as a friend, praying in a casual, talking way about issues. Then there are those who find strength in just speaking the name of Jesus, because we know of his sacrifice for us and God's love and grace given to us through Jesus, filling us with the Holy Spirit.

In today's Gospel we read: "And Jesus went on with his disciples, to the villages of Caesarea Philip'pi; and on the way he asked his disciples, 'Who do men say that I am?' And they told him, 'John the Baptist; and others say, Eli'jah; and others one of the prophets.' And he asked them, 'But who do you say that I am?' Peter answered him, 'You are the Christ.' And he charged them to tell no one about him" (Mark 8:27-30). The disciples responded to Jesus' question in many ways. They each felt a different, unique bond with him, yet still were learning his ways within a community. This is what each of us are called to do. We need to have a relationship with our saviour, Jesus, which primarily starts with consuming the Eucharist, and going out to others. We need to develop this relationship before we can share the love of Christ with others, which is also an important step. So today, spend five minutes with Jesus, and start focusing on your friendship.

Today's prayer comes from 'Knowing Jesus', a prayer for relationship in community:

Heavenly Father, thank You for the many gifts and graces You give to Your children and for the people that come into our lives who mean so much to us. Thank You for the sweet fellowship we enjoy with brothers and sisters in Christ - and Lord how good it is to walk when members of Your body live together in love and unity. Deepen we pray the bond of fellowship within the body of Christ and may our hearts be knit together in love – in Christ Jesus. Forgive us for the times when our fleshly natures has broken or damaged the precious relationship we have with each other - in Christ, and keep us we pray walking in love, knowing that we are a spiritual house - joined together as one in Him. Thank You Lord for those special people and relationships you have placed in my life with whom I enjoy a close bond of unity and may we encourage and edify each other as we wait for the any day return of the Lord Jesus in the air to claim His church for Himself. May we all draw ever closer to each other and to You as we see the day of Your return approaching, we ask this in Jesus name, Amen


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